If you are looking for the perfect place to relax while enjoying your holiday in Croatia, look no further! Hvar Apartments Komazin are by far your best choice. When searching for Hvar hotels, you should know that Apartments Komazin have everything a hotel provides, and much, much more! Also, as a bonus, the wonderful hospitality of the host – confirmed in the reviews of so many travellers!

Reserve your Hvar Apartment here. The accommodation can be paid with PayPal or Bank Transfer.

You feel at home – the apartments are fully equipped with everything that you need, in order to make your stay in the croatian paradise as pleasant as possible.

Here is a preview of each apartment. For more details on each, please click their names.

Apartment Orange Hvar Apartment Orange Komazin
Apartment Lavanda Hvar Apartment Lavanda Komazin
Apartment Sunce Hvar Apartment Sunce Komazin
Apartment Maslina Hvar Apartment Maslina Komazin
Apartment More Hvar Apartment More Komazin

The Hvar Apartments at Komazin have earned a well deserved reputation for being spotlessly clean, fully equipped; add to that the top-notch help and advices offered by Andro, and you will definitely enjoy your stay. But be aware – the quality of the apartments, combined with the beauty of Hvar is quite addictive, and you may never want to leave this sunny paradise!

Hvar Apartments Komazin are situated in the South-Eastern part of the town of Hvar in the Nikice Kolumbića area, in the vicinity of hotel Bodul. The old town center is located at a 15-minute walk from the apartments; the nearest beach is 300 meters away. The beach is is also the departure point for the boats leaving for the Paklinski islands.

The Hvar Apartments Komazin are located very close to all the facilities you need. The nearest store is 50 m away, closest restaurant is at 200 m, a diving center – 50 m, and you can rent a scooter no further than 300 m away.

Once you arrive in Hvar, you will be picked up (or guided) by Andro Komazin himself, but just in case, here are the contact details.

A vacation in Croatia is something that you will never forget – the beauty of Hvar is unmatched. The sunniest island of the Adriatic coast has so much to offer, that you will simply be overwhelmed and will come every year after the first visit – we guarantee!